Safety Briefing

Big Woods Goods 350 Ronnell Road Canton, GA - ph: 678-880-0493 - ph: 678-880-0453 - Fax 678-880-1099

This briefing is for ALL shooters that participate in any Big Woods Goods matches.

Here are the Commands that will be used during the match.

Range Officer (RO) will be begin by asking the shooter:

  1. Do you understand the course of fire?
    1. This is the time for the shooter to ask questions if they need. (Shooter nods their head if course is understood)
  2. Ok, load and make ready.
    1. Shooter loads their mag and gets in the low ready position with the muzzle pointed at the backstop. NOT THE GROUND AND NOT THE CEILING.
  3. Shooter ready?
    1. Shooter nods yes.
  4. Standby!
    1. Timer beep goes off! (Run Corse of Fire)
  5. Unload and show clear.” – The shooter holds the gun at slide-lock so the RO can visually see inside the gun and down the barrel to confirm there are no rounds remaining in the gun.
  6. Magazine, Slide, Hammer, Holster,
    1. Drop the mag. Release the slide. Hammer down or pull the trigger with the barrel STILL pointed at the backstop. Holster or place the gun in a gun bag.


If you need to show your firearm, un-holster your gun or pull it out of the bag for any reason is at the safe table. Magazines should never be in any guns at the safe table, loaded or unloaded.

Loading or unloading of magazines will only be done at the safe table. Your firearm will either be holstered or in a bag at all time while loading mags.

Keep the muzzle of the firearm pointed at the backstop at all times. The ceiling or the ground is NOT a safe place. If the RO finds you pointing the muzzle in any other place, you will hear them yell “MUZZLE!” That means you need to get that muzzle pointed back downrange.

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are aimed and ready to fire at your target. When you’re in the low ready position, the finger should be OFF the trigger. When you’re moving from one shooting position to the other your finger should be OFF THE TRIGGER! If the RO finds your finger on the trigger while moving on the course of fire you will hear him yell “Trigger!”

DON’T BREAK THE 180° RULE: Muzzle should be pointed within the 180° of the downrange area. This means don’t turn around with the gun in your hands!

During the course of fire all non-shooters should be back at the safe table area this will allow room for the RO and the Shooter to run the course of fire.

Keep Eyes and ears on at all times.

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