Practical Action Shooting Match

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Practical Action Shooting Match


Practical Action Shooting Match (PAS) is the premier competitive shooting match which is based on the USPSA match rules and guidelines. This is not a sanctioned USPSA match. The match will be controlled by four of our members that are all RO certified and with safety being priority one this match will be ran with strict rules and guidelines. The match will be held every other Thursday night please see our Training & Events Calendar for times & dates.
The match leaders will be excited to see you and eager to answer your questions. Here are a few pointers for you first time shooters.

* Do take and wear eye and ear protection. We will have these items available for visitors, but having your own will simplify the process and ensure that you will be able to watch the match.

* Don’t assume you know more than you do. Use your first visit to concentrate on watching, listening, and learning.

* Appropriate clothing and shoe wear is required. No sandals please.

*You will be allowed to shoot the first time you come to the match but you will be required to complete a “safety check” before shooting an actual match. You will need the following to shoot in a match.


Firearms & Holsters

It may be that the firearm you already own will be just what you need to get started in practical shooting, but you may learn of other competitive opportunities that will give you that excuse you’ve been looking for to buy a new toy!
Holsters must retain the firearm during any required movement, must cover the trigger of a holstered gun, must point to the ground when the firearm is holstered, and must be carried at belt level; shoulder holsters, fanny packs, etc., are not permissible at PAS events.

Other Equipment

Other necessary equipment includes spare magazines or speed loaders and belt mounted carriers. In most cases at least one magazine will be included with the firearm when you bought it, but having at least five magazines is desirable but not required to be sure to get you through the various stages in a match.


It is important to have realistic expectations as you approach competitive shooting. Many people, but most especially those without a lot of shooting experience, make unreasonable assumptions about this game. Practical shooting is an exciting, fun, safe sport. Like any sport, though, it takes time and effort to become proficient. Like any sport there will be times when your progress is rapid and it’s easy to remain focused on your goal. At other times it will seem that you’re not getting anywhere and it will be easy to become discouraged. Consistent practice will take you where you want to go.

Hope to see you at the next match.

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