Low Light Open

Big Woods Goods 350 Ronnell Road Canton, GA - ph: 678-880-0493 - ph: 678-880-0453 - Fax 678-880-1099

We will be taking a break from the low light matches for the rest of the summer. We will post when the matches will start back up.  

Big Woods Goods is hosting Friday Night leagues at our gun range. The Friday night tournament will be a Low Light Timed Fire. This is an OPEN tournament for anyone.

Please check calender for scheduled events.

Please show up early to get signed in.

This is how it will work:

  • All the range lighting except for the lights behind the shooters will be turned off.
  • We will be placing four targets per lane on the carrier cardboard system numbering targets 1-4.
  • You will be shooting five shots per target.
  • Targets will be turned on edge and moved to an undetermined distance between 1’ & 75’. No one round will be the same as the targets will be placed at four random distances for every round.
  • Shooters will be asked to make ready.
  • Targets will turn to Foe and the Carrier light will turn on.
  • You will have 6 seconds to acquire the target and fire 5 shots at the given target.
  • You will then have 15 seconds to make ready for the next target
  • Be careful as the targets may not move and or may turn to friend before turning to foe.
  • We will do this for all 4 targets per round.
  • We will have 3 rounds per match.
  • You will be asked to Clear and show empty.

- Distance = 1’ to 75’
- Caliber = Centerfire Match (Iron Sights)
- Make Ready = Pistols- Load one round in the chamber and four in the mag / Revolvers-Load five rounds in the cylinder and close. Place firearm in the low ready position.
- Clear and show empty = Magazine out pistol slide locked back or cylinder open and firearm placed on tray at shooting line.
- Round = Four Targets
- Match = Three Rounds
- Number of Shots = Five Shots per Target
- Timed Rounds = Six Seconds per Target

What is needed:

  • Targets and cardboard is provided.
  • Ammo is not provided and you will need 60 rounds per match.
  • Each match will last about an hour with a cost of $10.00
  • Please bring extra mags and or speed loaders.
  • Type = Pistol or Revolver
  • Targets = Official 25yrd Standard American Type Targets


  • 5pts thru 10pts ring with X ring scoring 11 pts outside ring but on paper 1pts.
  • Five shot per target count, if more than five shots on target, target is cancelled.
  • Max score per target (55pts)
  • Max Score per round (220pts)
  • Max Score per match (660pts)

Final ruling on target will be by Range Officer

Lanes will be randomly picked for shooter.

We will try to get at least two matches in a night. The first night we will have two centerfire matches.

Range Members are welcome and encouraged to come but the tournament fee will apply.

Check our Calendar for Low Light Tournament Dates & Times

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