Gun Cleaning

Big Woods Goods 350 Ronnell Road Canton, GA - ph: 678-880-0493 - ph: 678-880-0453 - Fax 678-880-1099

Gun Cleaning at BWG

World-class products, excellent service, and a state-of-the art facility are what you expect from the Big Woods Goods. Our commitment to you continues with basic firearm cleaning. Picture this, you get off work and you want to unload some of your frustrations on paper or you’re just in the mood to do some shooting. That’s all good, but one thing you don’t want, is to go home and clean your firearm. Let us help you, we offer a quick clean service, do a basic tear down and clean of any of your firearms while you wait.

Basic Cleaning
• Handgun $20.00
• Long Gun $30.00

Other services;
Gun Smith
Knife sharpening
Archery Tech

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