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Archery Center

Full Service Archery Center
Standard Compound Bow Services

Tuning & Set-Up


Basic Set-up- Mount accessories and basic bow set-up
Advanced set-up- Includes accessories, E Buttons, rest, sights and standard tuning
Standard tuning -Adjust draw weight and length, center flights and nock
Advanced tuning -Includes standard tuning, timing cams, paper tuning, and chronograph
Pre-season inspection- Clean and lube axles, bearings, cams and standard tuning. Parts not included
Paper tuning


Poundage adjustment
Draw length adjustment
Nocking point adjustment
Arrow rest installation
Set bow weights
Wheel timing
Cable guard adjustment
Nocking string loop
Sight and quiver mounting


Re-serve center string
Silencer tie-In
Nocking Loop Tie-In
Install peep
Kisser Button installation
Waxing bow string and cables
Misc. String accessories


$5.00 / dz.
$2.00 / ea
Cut to length or $.50 each
Use of chronograph
Nock installation or $2.00 each
Refletching of arrows
Refletching of 6 arrows
Refletching of 12 arrows

*Basic Tuning and set-up is free if bow and accessories are purchased at Big Woods Goods*
*All Pricing is for labor only unless otherwise specified*

Other Services;
Gun Smith
Gun Cleaning
Knife Sharpening

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