Archery Orientation

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* A ONE time orientation is mandatory for anybody wanting to take classes.

* Cost is $20.99. Includes use of re-curve equipment. (Re-curve is mandatory for orientation ONLY, the classes can be compound or re-curve).

* Orientation is limited to 10 people, please register as soon as possible. You can register by calling the store at 678-880-0493.

Archery is safe, fun, and easy to learn. It is a discipline suitable for all ages, sexes, and abilities.

Programs are structured to teach Olympic-target archery to students 9 years old and above. This is a lifetime sport, suitable for the entire family,and appropriate for those that have never held a bow, or those with previous experience.

All  necessary equipment is provided, or the student may bring their own, after the introductory session.

Classes are taught by a certified  NAA archery instructor, and adhere to the safety guidelines of USA Archery Instructor Training, the official training courses of the National Archery Association (NAA). The NAA is affiliated with the Federation of International Target Archery (FITA) which is the international governing body for Olympic style archery competitions. The NAA promotes Olympic style archery.

The various programs offered help students learn the skills needed for tournament competition or just shooting archery for the fun of it.

Benefits of Archery:
focus, concentration and goal setting skills
Students learn they must overcome distractions and obstacles, and have a plan of action. Archery provides a fundamental relaxation quality in that the  archer must be focused on the immediate moment. Archery is a self-challenging and rewarding activity, blending physical and mental resources. Basic math skills are reinforced during routine scoring in archery.

Check our Event Calendar for dates & times for classes.

* Must turn in the following waivers:
- Archery Hold Harmless Agreement
- Waiver and Release of Liability

Archery Orientation

This class will teach you the fundamentals of archery and allow you to progress into our archery lessons.
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