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All firearms classes are instructed by a State Licensed instructor. All instruction will include State Law, proper gun handling techniques and stance as well as practical application.

Firearms are available upon request. Students are required to have eye and hearing protection and the appropriate ammunition for the particular course. If you will be using one of our firearms for the course training, we will instruct you prior to shooting as to what caliber ammunition to purchase.


Firearms classes;
1 on 1 Training
Community Safety Awareness Program – FREE
Basic Handguns 101
TAC1-Intermediate Tactical Handgun Course
TAC2- Advanced Tactical Handgun
R1-Basic Rifle Courses
SG1-Basic Shotgun Course
Unarmed Security Officer Course
Armed Security Officer Course
Armed Security Officer Requalification

Archery classes;
Archery orientation
Archery Class

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